The Friends of Warminster Hospital


The generosity of the people of Warminster, the surrounding villages and further afield, has enabled the Friends of Warminster Hospital to provide equipment and services, not supplied by the NHS, totalling £250,000 between 2003 and 2015. While the main part of this sum has been spent in support of the Community Hospital, equipment has also been supplied to the two Surgeries in the town and Community Care whenever requested. Some examples of this expenditure are:

  2003   Hoist for Stroke Patients; Airwave Mattress; Hydraulic Bed Frame; Hoist Air Sling.
  2004   Specialist Beds; Hydraulic Chair.
  2005   Bladder Scanner; Spirometer; Ambulatory Blood Pressure Machine; Wheelchair for Stroke Patients; Specialist Cushions.
  2006   Specialists Mattresses.
  2007   Coagulation Check Kit; Pulmonary Rehabilitation Machine.
  2008   Recharger Stand; Electric Recliner; Oximeter; Blood Pressure Monitors;
  2009   Spirometer; Hydrotilt Chair; Blood Fridge; Blood Pressure Monitors.
  2010   Ultrasound Bone Densimeter; Treadmill; Auto Doppler Couch; Dinamap Blood Pressure Machine. Falls and Domestic Assessment Kits; ECG Machines.
  2011   Visual Field Analyser; ENT Microscope; Pachymeter.
  2012   OCT Eye Scanner, Vascular Doppler Machine.
  2013   Ultrasound Stand, Syringe Drivers
  2014   Panoramic Tilt Chair
  2015   Paediatric Oximeter, Cardiac Monitors, X-ray Small Detector Plate, X-ray Accesories
  2016   ECG & Cryo units, Paed Clinical Eval Equipment, iCare Tonometer, Pulse Oximeter.


Additionally the Friends have made an annual donation to Alzheimer’s Support and single, local, payments in support of Cancer Concern and the Mobile Chemotherapy Unit.

The Friends of Warminster Hospital-Registered Charity No: 207384.